Erawan National Park – Kachanaburi, Thailand

Erawan National Park is located in Kachanaburi, Thailand which is about 168km northwest of Bangkok.

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How to get to Erawan National Park

There are a few options to get from Bangkok to Kachanaburi. Personally, I took the train from Thorburi station which was 100 baht. It is a slow ride taking about 3 hours also. The train itself is a cool experience with local vendors and scenic views.

There is also the bus option, which is what I opted for on the way back which is around 150 baht. Hiring a car or taxi for the day would be the fastest option and from Bangkok that would be around 3000 baht depending on your bargaining skills.

Once in Kachanaburi, there’s a local bus that will take you to the park. It costs about 50 baht to ride and you can hop on just by standing on the side of the road, but be careful as the bus does not really stop for you to hop in.

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park Price

The park does have an entrance fee of 300 baht. Be sure to have cash on hand as there are no ATMs on the park grounds. 5: If you’re leaving from Bangkok, you definitely need at least a full day. The earliest train leaves at 7:45, which usually leaves late. The travel time via train and local bus from Bangkok to Erawan is about 4 hours total so plan accordingly. This a seven level waterfall park, so spending at least a day is definitely worth it.

Where to stay in Kachanaburi:

There are hostels to stay in Kachanaburi like Warm Well Hostel and No. 25. Kachanaburi is a lovely area with lots to do, including an elephant sanctuary so there is always the option to stay in town to avoid the long travel. The park also offers a camping option for an added fee. However, I stayed in Bangkok and made this a day trip.

Erawan National Park

When is the best time to visit

The best time to go would be as early as possible. The earlier you arrive, the more you are able to see and do. The park closes at 4:30 so keep that in mind when planning for travel time.

What to do there

This park is largely known for the seven tier waterfalls. A tip is to start at the seventh waterfall and make your way towards the first level throughout the day. Some levels have the flesh-eating fish in the water. As strange as that sounds, the fish nibble your feet making it feel like a massage.

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Why should Erawan National Park be on my Bucket List?

The Erawan National Park was one of my favourite adventures during my Thailand trip. The beauty of the waterfalls is absolutely unreal. Looking around the park felt like a dream. It really makes you appreciate nature. Swimming in the waterfalls and with the fish is incredible relaxing and fun. It is truly a unique experience.


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