Elephant Sands Bush Lodge & Campsite, Botswana

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge & Campsite is about 50 kilometers from the Town Nata in the beautifull county ofBotswana. In the middle of the desert and close to several National parks.

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How to get to Elephant Sands Bush Lodge & Campsite?

There is NO public transport that stop at this accommodation. The most ideal way to travel to this accommodation and around Botswana is with a 4 wheel drive. It is also possible with a 2 wheel drive, but most of the roads in Botswana are made out of gravel. So a 4×4 is way more comfortable than a 2×4.

If you drive a 2×4, dont be scared on the road to Elephant Sands. This is a more advanced road, but still manageble with a 2×4 (we made it also) and if you get stuck in the sand, the employees of Elephant Sands are more Than pleased you help you!

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge Elephant Sands Bush Lodge


The price for the rental car is up to yourself. A 4×4 is of course more exspensive Than a 2×4. The accommodation Elephant Sands offers overnights for all budgets. You can stay in a bungalow for 85 dollars per night (depending on the season), but you can also set up your own tent (or rooftent, if you have it on the 4×4) on the campsite for 9 dollars per person per night.

The best thing is the accommodation is not located in a National park, so you do not pay an entrance fee aswell.

From the Elephant Sands you can do several guides activities. The price is depending on the kind and duration of the activity.


How much time do you need there

Most people spend one night in this accommodation, because it is a perfect stopover from Maun to Kasane (or the other way around). For Elephantlovers i would say: spend 2 nights and if you would like to do some activities you can also spend more days. It depends on you preference.

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge

When is the best time to visit ?

According to the employees the piek-season is in December and January. Currently they are already receiving reservations for this period 2019.. But if you want to see a lot of Elephants, i would suggest to visit the accommodation in the dry-season (from june to October). At this time there are no natural pools and almost all Elephants in the envoirment will visit for sure the waterhole at the sittingarea of the accommodation.

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Don’t stand in the way, approch or touch an Elephant. Don’t walk towards an Elephant outside the sittingarea.  Don,’t take fruits along in your tent or car, the Elephants will smell this and will try to brake your tent or car to get it!

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge

Where to stay

For the budget travellers on the campsite. But if the budget allows it, the bungalow is more comfortable. If you stay on the Campsite, you are able to shower with an amazing view on the Elephants who are passing by the showerfacilities.

Why should Elephant Sands Bush Lodge be on my bucket list?

There is no other place than Elephant Sands Bush Lodge & Campsite. You are able to experience the behaviour of wild Elephants from a really close distance. The Elephants really rules here! Sit, relax, have a swim with view on the Elephants and ofcourse take amazing pictures!

Elephant Sands Bush Lodge




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