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Where is Easter Island? Easter Island, Also known as Rapa Nui, is located about 3700km to the west of Chile, in the middle of bloody no where.

How do I get to Easter Island? The only way to reach the island is by plane. One flight leaves each day from Santiago, the capital of Chile or you can fly from Tahiti. Check LAN CHILE airlines for details.


What currency do they use there? Easter Island is part of Chile so they also use Chilean Peso’s. There are banks on the island to pull out money but it’s a good idea to take some from mainland.

Is it expensive? Yes, but only because absolutely everything on the island has to be imported and brought in by either aeroplane or boat.

How long do I need on the island? Anywhere between 3-6 days. You could see all the cultural sights in 3 days but having some extra time to explore the island wouldn’t be so bad.


When is the best time to go? January – March is the high season so you can expect higher prices but also perfect beach weather. 

What should I do there? Get a guide for your first day and learn a bit about the Rapa Nui culture and why the Moai were built on the island. After that you can hire scooters or a car and explore the island by yourself. Spend a day on the white sandy beach of Anakena or Hike up Orongo Mountain for a lookout over the ocean. 

Why should it be on my bucket list? Easter Island is one of the most isolated places in the world, combine that with the mysterious, Moai statue’s and you’ve got a bucket list destination right there.




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