Dalawella Beach Swing – Unatawuna, Sri Lanka

The swing is at a small beach called Dalawella Beach near Unatawuna Sri Lanka and is infront of a family run hotel called Pearlys Dream Cabana. It can be quite difficult to find so head for the hotel.

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How to get to Dalawella Beach

You can get a tuk tuk from unatawuna street for no more then 250rs if the driver asks for more get another tuk tuk it’s only a 5 minute drive. Ask the driver to take you to pearlys dream cabana or you may spend a good 45 minutes looking for it as a lot of locals seem to not know where it is.

Dalawella Beach


It’s totally free! What more could you want but I’m sure you’ll buy a drink as the swing is thirsty work. Plus the beers here are ice cold which is a dream once you’ve swing a few times. Tuk tuk ride from unawatuna no more then 250rs.

Where to stay in Unawatuna

You can always stay at pearly dream cabana for about 50$ a night. It’s family run and they are so friendly they even show you how to use the swing and some hidden turtle eggs. I stayed in Unatawuna at a places called piples cafe great little stay above a coffee shop for real cheap.

Dalawella Beach

How much time will you need there:

I’d recommend coming here for sunset it’s gorgeous you only need an hour or so depending how long you wanna swing and pretend to be a monkey for. I could of stayed all day but my hands got sore and the light went so I came back the next day to play again.

When is the best time to visit Dalawella Beach:

It’s very quiet here so don’t have to worry about over crowding maybe have to wait every now and then for someone to finish on the swing but no longer then 5 minutes. I would recommend coming here whilst in season between October-march

Dalawella Beach

What yo do there:

Have an ice cold beer and watch the sun go down as you swing in paradise.

Why should Dalawella Beach be on my bucket list?

This is something you have to try whilst in Sri Lanka. The sunset is stunning and swinging out across the ocean from a palm tree whilst the sunsets is something dreams are made of. This was one of my favourite parts of Sri Lanka and you can get lost here for days reading a book drinking fresh drinks and watching the world go by.

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