Bucket List Guide

bucket list guide

The main goal with a Bucket List article is to share insight and experience from a destination with the backpacker community.

Answer the questions below to share your Bucket List Guide. These questions are the most common questions we get when posting pictures on our social media accounts.

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• Send in at least 5 photos to each article.

• It’s enough with 4-5 sentences on each question. But feel free to write more.

• Send the answers to us on Facebook / or to ” writer(@)backpackerstory.org ”

• Do not send the article as a document or pdf. Send is as TEXT on Facebook er Mail.


1. Where is XXXX ?

2. How do I get to XXXX ?

3. Price?

  • What does it cost. The tour? Entrance fee ? Bus? Taxi ?

4.Where to stay ?

  • Town, City, Which hostel/hotel, Recommendations.

5. Where to eat ?

  • Got a restaurant tip ? Local Food ?

6. How much time do you need there?

  • Hours? Days ? – AND WHY

7.When is the best time to go?

  • Is it best at a particular season ? If it is a tourist attraction: At what time of the day? Do you need to get there early/late to avoid the «tourists” ?

8.What should I do there?

  • Tips about the place. What to see. What you can’t miss and so on.

9.What should you not do?

  • Is it a tourist trap there ? Some fees you don’t need to pay? Any useful tips about the destination

10.Why should XXX be on my bucket list?


Send the answers to us on Facebook / or to ” writer(@)backpackerstory.org “