Chocolate Hills – Bohol, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills are a very strange geological formation, there are more than 1000 cone-shaped hills. It’s one of the most famous tourist destination in Philippines, located in the center of Bohol.

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How to get to the Chocolate Hills

The best way to get there is hire a motor bike, it’s 60 km far about 2 hours drive from Alona beach and it s really nice ride to get there. Also on the way back you can stop in Tarsiers conservation area, is considered as the world’s smallest primate. Its size is no longer then a hand. Entrance fee 60 pesos.

If you don’t feel drive a motorbike you can join a day tour or hire a tricycle.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills Price

  • Entrance fee to the chocolate hills is 50 pesos per person.
  • Motor bike rental 500 pesos

Where to stay

I stayed in Alona beach at Alona Hammocks it s a really basic place, but nice and cozy, probably the cheapest in Alona Beach.

Price 250 pesos per night in a dorm with mat and mosquito net with free breakfast. There are plenty of option depends on the budget, if you go in the peak season, make sure to book in advance because everything in fully booked.

Chocolate Hills

How much time will you need at Chocolate Hills

I would suggest to spend half day to visit the chocolate hills. There are about 700 steps to climb up to the lookout point, which takes around 10 to 15 minutes to get to. The half day trip include the stop to the tarsier conservation.

Best time to visit

It’s better to visit the chocolate hills on the morning as in the afternoon it rains very often. Also I think the best season to visit the Philippines is before or after the peak season, raining season is from June to August so the best time to visit Philippines is September or may!

Chocolate Hills

Why should the it be on my bucket list ?

I personally fall in love with the hills, it’s like a peace of art!

So, where is the name coming from? Because the Chocolate Hills looks so green they are covered with green grass. Here we are the hills turn brownish during the dry season. That’s why they call them the Chocolate Hills.

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