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What is Chitzen Itza? Chitzen Itza is the largest of the Ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico. It resembles a pyramid and that, along with its sheer size and beauty has named the site as one of the New Ancient Wonders of the World. Woo hoooo!

How do I get there? First off get yourself to Mexico. Then over to the Yucatan Peninsula on the caribbean coast to one of the tourist towns of Tulum, Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. From any travel agency in town you can organise a day trip to Chitzen Itza. 

What currency is used there? Mexican Peso’s. They accept US dollars for tours and large bills.

How much does it cost to enter? In total it is around 200 Pesos to enter the site (not including transportation ) So around $12usd.

How much time will I need? You only need a day to explore Chitzen Itza. If you do it as a day trip you will probably have a guide who will show you around and tell you about the history of the site. Otherwise I would recommend grabbing a guidebook or shadowing another group so you know what you’re looking at.

Can I travel alone? Absolutely. Mexico itself is fine to travel alone, just stick to the well known areas and be safe. As for Chitzen Itza you will totally be fine, just book a bus trip to save you the hassle of organising a driver.

Do I need to book? No way, jose. You can buy tickets at the door! Just book your bus the day before.

Why should it be on my Bucket List? If you are going to visit any Ancient Archeological sites in Mexico this is the one! The complex itself is absolutely massive and you are able to walk all around the ‘pyramids’ to imagine how these were created back in Ancient Mayan times. Impressive!




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