BMP Farm House – Chiang Mai, Thailand

BMP Farm House is located in the north west of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Family owned farm and a great experience with the elephants.

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Getting to BMP Farm House

The best way to get there is taking a group van (or taxi) or drive by yourself (in case you rented a bike). We did it by van, as we had booked a tour that included the transport from Chiang Mai.

The van takes you directly to the farm, you just need to walk for 5 minutes to the meeting point with the local guide.
As you do some activities in the farm, it’s recommended to bring bikini and comfortable clothes. To be around elephants, they’ll provide you with a big shirt and pants to protect yourself from mosquitos and other insects in general.
BMP Farm House

Where to stay 

We were staying in Chiang Mai. Any hostel/hotel around the city centre it’s ok to do this activity, as the tour operator picks you up from your place. We booked just a half day activity, but they do have accommodation in the farm for those interested in 2 day elephant care activity.


If you just want to stay in the residence, you can book a Villa per night with a cost of around 50€. The cost of the elephant activity will depend on how many days you want to spend there. The half day activity is about 40€, including the pick up and transport from Chiang Mai.


We booked it at an information point. It was possible to pay by card but it’s highly recommended to pay in the Thai local currency to avoid extra charges from your bank.
BMP Farm House

How much time do you need at the BMP Farm House

It’s a visit of either half day or one whole day. There’s an option of doing a volunteering programme for 3 days. On the half and single day visit, you have the chance to feed the elephants.

When is the best time to go

Anytime you visit Thailand is a great time to go. I recommend avoiding the rainy season, from may/june to october. The rest of the year is completely fine.
There’s no problem with tourists, as the activity is closed to maximum about 10-12 people.

What to do

The place is a big farm surrounded by rice fields and nature. It’s really quiet and it’s reserved just for the group.
BMP Farm House

What not to do

There are no shops or fees, it’s a family owned farm. They are really nice and take care of you 😉 And everything you need. bathrooms/showers, food…it’s included on the price. They even gave us a CD with all the high resolutions pictures that were taken during the activity. We didn’t have to pay extra for that.

Why should BMP Farm House be on my bucket list?

I think everybody who visits Thailand should participate in one of these activities rather than riding elephants in other more “touristy” places. You’ll have the chance to be close to these amazing animals and see how they spend their day. Actually, you can participate on it by feeding or bathing them. That way you’ll discover how lovely they are. Chiang Mai Elephants was one of my best experiences in Thailand and I would recommend it to everybody.

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