Cheow Lan Lake – Khao Sok, Thailand

Cheow Lan Lake is located in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. Cheow Lan Lake is an artificial lake created in 1982 as a source of electricity.

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How to get to Cheow Lan Lake

First you must get to Khao Sok. Take a domestic flight to Surat Thani or Pukhet. From there you can take a 1,5 hour bus ride to Khao Sok.

In Khao Sok you can book a tour to Cheow Lan Lake. They will pick you up at your hotel and drive to the lake. At the lake you take a boat for 1/1,5 hour to reach your floating house.

There are many houses at Cheow Lan Lake and different locations with floating houses depending on your tour company.

Cheow Lan LakeCheow Lan Lake

Cheow Lan Lake Price

The price of the tour cost 2500 Thai Bath including one overnight stay. The taxi cost 1800 Thai Bath or 600 Thai Bath for the bus ride. We choose for the taxi because that’s a private ride, and otherwise we would not make it in time.

How much time will you need there

You can choose between 2 or 3 days. We choose for 2 because we had a travel plan to follow. But 2 is more than enough because you probably won’t sleep that well. We sleep on bamboo wich is very hard. You can choose for 3 days to relax more at the floating houses and have more free time. Breakfast, lunch and diner are included in the tour price.

When to visit Cheow Lan Lake

The best time to go to the floating houses is in the months ; november untill march. We in August during the rainy season. We had just a little bit of rain but were lucky with the weather.

Cheow Lan LakeCheow Lan Lake

What to do there

The lake is exclusive to the tour day offer so you have to follow the planning. First you go on a jungle safari on a boat were you can see monkeys, and elephants if you are lucky.

Then there is a trip through the jungle. They will drop you off the boat at the jungle for a hike. This hike will take about 2 hours.

We were hike goes through a waterfall. It’s al lot of climbing and very slippery so bring watershoes. The guide will tell you a lot about the jungle. The hiking through the waterfall was great and beautiful. You can’t miss this!

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Bring a rain jacket for the boat ride! You will get extremely wet and that’s could if you’re on a boat ride for 1/1,5 hour.

Why should Cheow Lan Lake be on my bucket list ?

Cheow Lan Lake should be on you’re bucketlist because it is an amazing stay on the small floating houses with no electricity, wi-fi, and phone signal. Time to relax and enjoying the view! After 10 pm there the lights go off.

When you are going to sleep you will hear the sound of the jungle and the water around you like you are really in the middle of nowhere.

Cheow Lan Lake Cheow Lan Lake




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