Boulders Beach, South Africa

Boulders Beach is about a one hour drive from Cape Town, South Africa. The name of the city is Simons Town.

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How to get to Boulders Beach ?

The easiest and fastest way to go there is by rental car. Otherwise you have the possibility to go there by public transportation as bus or Uber.

You will pass the Chapmans’s Peak drive which is one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

From Simon’s Town it’s a 10 minute walk to the entrance. If you want to go directly to the beach where the penguins are, you have to pass the first entrance which is called Boulders Penguin Colony.

Just walk straight ahead to the next entrance point. It is much better to see the penguins from close up.

Boulders Beach Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach Price

The entrance fee is 75 Rands – 6 USD. An Uber from Cape Town is about 300 Rands – 22 USD.

Do not enter at the first entrance (coming from Simon’s Town) because it’s overcrowded and you can see the penguins just from far away.

Enter at the second entrance which is 5 minutes more foot walk. From there you can go directly to the beach and to the penguins.

How much time do you need there

For the Boulders Beach you need about 2 hours. You can make some photos with the penguins and swim in the ocean. The beach is very beautiful btw.

Boulders Beach Boulders Beach

Where to stay

The best location to stay is definitely Cape Town because from there you can start hundreds of other activities. There are plenty of nice hostels. I recommend Loop 91 Hostel which is in the center. There are also accommodations in Simon’s town.

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When is the best time to visit Boulders Beach

The best season to visit Boulder Beach is Summer. From November to April in South Africa. If you want to avoid the tourists, go there early in the morning.

Why should Boulders Beach be on my bucket list? Because you can see penguins in the wild and you can get very close to them.

Boulders Beach Boulders Beach

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