Boo Sra Waterfall, Cambodia

Boo Sra waterfall is located in Senomorom town, Mondulkiri province, Cambodia.

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Getting to Boo Sra Waterfall

You can get there by motorbike or car (about 37km drive from Siem Reap)


You can get a tour or go there by motorbike which you rent from locals. We drove motorbike to there which cost us 13$ a day. The entrance fee to the waterfall is 2$

Where to stay

Stay in Siem Reap town. The best bungalows over there – Nature Lodge. Great place filled with nature, starting from exotic birds to beautiful horses. You can really get a breath of fresh air there!


Boo Sra waterfall

How much time will you need there

We spend there around one hour, cuz it was heavily raining. But don’t forget to swim there, it’s just amazing!

When is the best time to visit the Boo Sra Waterfall

We went there in January which is a very touristic season in Cambodia, but we didn’t see much people there. Probably cuz not that much tourists go to Mondulkiri province.

And, as locals told us, it’s the best to go there from spring to autumn, cuz it’s raining season on Cambodia, so there will be more water in the waterfall. But even tho we went in the dry season, we were amazed by what we saw!

What to do there

You should definitely swim there! The water is so cool and refreshing. Also, the waterfall has two levels. We got to the first one where lead the stairs. But if u walk a bit u will see there is another level of the waterfall which even is more pretty! But there is no starts, so u have to climb thru the jungles, which is quite dangerous

Why should Boo Sra Waterfall be on my bucket list?

This waterfall is not the biggest in the world, but has so much power. When u stay by it, or swim, you are kinda “recharging”, it gives u so much power and inspiration! Also, as it’s not touristic at all, you can enjoy the time there alone and see beautiful yet untouched nature.

Also, Mondulkiri province has so much small waterfalls, it’s really a “waterfall” province in Cambodia. Besides this, it’s very popular for elephant projects.

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