BOH Tea Plantation – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The BOH Tea Plantation is the biggest tea plantation in Cameron Highlands. The BOH Tea Plantation is 1300-1829 meters up in the mountains around 4 hours bustrip from the westcoast in Malaysia.

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How to get to BOH Tea Plantation

The BOH Tea Plantation is between the Town Brinchang and Gunung Brinchang, the highest mountain in the Highlands. If you go on your own, you have to take the Hill Lane near Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm in Brinchang.

From the Plantations just follow the Signs for the Sg Palas Tea Centre. You Can also go with a Tour. Most Tours also include Mossy Forest, the top of Gunung Brinchang and stops at a lot of different farm fx Delicious Strawberry farms.

BOH Tea Plantation BOH Tea Plantation

BOH Tea Plantation Price

A tour including the tea plantations is around 45 for a half day tour and 80 for a full day tour with alot of stops. We had around 12 stops on our full tay tour.

If you go the Plantations on your own it will be free. There are no entrance fees to the tea center and you can even get a free guided tour of around the factory, where you can see the 5 stages of making the tea.

The Only thing that will cost money is the delicious cake and tea at the cafe and ofcourse the shop where you can buy every kind of tea from the plantations.

Where to stay

There are Two main highland towns: Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Brinchang is closest to the Plantations but Tanah Rata is where all the buses arrive and where most things happen in the Highlands, so I would recomend staying here. There are only around 2km between the two towns.

BOH Tea Plantation

How much time do you need there

1-2 full days in Cameron Highlands is enough. If you take a Tour you can ser almost everything the Highlands has to offer in just one day.

You can do so as well if you drive around on your own, because everything is pretty near eachother. If you are info hiking there are over a dozen numbered trails in the area.

When is the best time to visit the BOH Tea Plantation

The BOH Tea Plantations are beautiful all year around but weather wise May to July are best because it rains very little and its a bit warmer. The temperaturs rarely top 30 degrees up here.

If you want to avoid too many people, you should not go on the weekends. The BOH Plantations are a very popular weekend trip for Malay people.

The Highlands in general gets very busy on the weekends. Ex. On a normal weekday the BOH cafe sells around 30.000-35.000 cups of Tea, while on the weekend it is more like 60.000-70.000 cups.

The opening hours for the The Center, Cafe and Factory are 9am-4.30pm everyday except for Monday.

What to do

  • After a free guided tour, you will go through a couple of museum like room with a lot of history about the BOH Tea and Plantations, before coming to the cafe. Here it is a definit must to buy some delicious cake and tea to enjoy on the viewingdeck in the cool fresh air with the amazing view of the Tea Garden.
  • After the Tea Plantations continue higher up the mountain to The Mossy Forest, which will give you a Lord Of The Rings feel.

What not do do

If you are not a very routinated driver don’t go by yourself but take a tour instead, especially if you want to go further up the mountain. The Roads are very narrow and bumpy with alot of turns. If you do go up there on your own be sure to use the horn before every turn in case of any opposite trafic.

Why should the BOH Tea Plantation be on my bucket list?

Overlooking the BOH Tea Plantation the scenery is just breathtaken. You will just want to get out if the car and just walk around taking in the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere.

The Cameron Highlands is completly different from the rest of Malaysia. These Plantations is a must see in the Highlands and is the perfect little getaway from the heat of the lowland.

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