Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon or Bláa Lóniô is located in Iceland in the middle of a lava desert on one of the most popular geothermal spas in the world.

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How to get to the Blue Lagoon

Traveling to Blue Lagoon is easy! There are hourly bus transfers from the airport, making it convenient to stop at before or after your adventure in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon also offers the convenience of luggage storage if you are just visiting for a few hours.

Where to stay

The Blue Lagoon has its own accommodation: Silica Hotel, which is located on the surrounding lava fields. I personally saved money by car camping and taking advantage of the free campsites and showers all around the country.Blue Lagoon

Currency :

The currency in Iceland is called Icelandic króna, written ISK. Once you are in Iceland you will have to use Icelandic krónur in most places or either debit or credit cards.



The price ranges from 40-195€ and pre-booking your ticket for this experience is required. I choose the package for 65€, which included the entrance to Blue Lagoon, a silica mud mask, a towel, and a drink from the lagoon’s outdoor bar.

How much time will you need there

I spent three hours at the Blue Lagoon, which was plenty of time to feel relaxed after my early morning flight into Iceland. Before entering into the lagoon waters, there are some expected pre-entry formalities. You are supposed to shower thoroughly, then put your swimsuit on before heading in. When you are done showering, they highly recommend you tie up and cover your hair in the conditioner they provide to prevent your hair from drying out in the mineral water. Give yourself enough time to relax and unwind!Blue Lagoon

When is the best time to go

Reserve a time in the morning closest to opening. Within a few hours, it gets crowded very quickly. You can experience soaking in Blue Lagoon in the winter season surrounded by snow, or in summer under the midnight sun.

What to do

You should enjoy the sauna and steam rooms carved into the lava rock and try the silica mud mask while you are soaking in the lagoon.

What not to do

Blue Lagoon is a unique experience and known as one of the 25 Wonder’s of the World, making it a very touristy place to visit. Keep in mind, Blue Lagoon is a man-made spa with water heated naturally from underground geothermal activity. If you do not mind paying for this experience, then it is worth it in the end. Blue Lagoon

Why should the Blue Lagoon be on my bucket list?

The Blue Lagoon is among the wonders of the world! It truly is an experience of a lifetime to soak in steaming blue waters surrounded by volcanic rocks! Aside from the Blue Lagoon, there are natural wonders all over Iceland. The scenery changes in an instant from snowy mountains and icebergs, to green canyons with wild horses wandering, to valleys filled with purple wildflowers and waterfalls, to glaciers floating along black sand beaches. Every valley and every turn throughout Iceland is filled with enchantment and adventure worthy of your bucket list. Blue Lagoon

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