Batad Rice Terraces, Philippines

The Batad rice terraces belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras’. This site is located in the Philippines, more specifically in the mountains of the Northern Luzon region.

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Getting to the Batad Rice Terraces:

The easiest way is to get a nightbus from Manila to Banaue, which can be booked online or in Manila itself.

Batad Rice Terraces


There are different buses available from Manila with different fares. I paid around 500 pesos. I did not take a tour as I explored the rice terraces by myself, as I was short on budget. If you have the money, do a tour.

A group tour for half a day is about 1000 pesos in Batad if I am not mistaken. For the tricycle from Banaue to Batad I paid around 700 pesos (took an hour). The jeepney is far cheaper (around 150 pesos) but only runs once a day between batad and banaue. Accommodation if booked upfront is around 300 pesos. I booked it in advance via Agoda and had the same room for 750 pesos.

Where to stay in Batad

In this region you can find several clusters with rice terraces, therefore you can stay in different towns. The easiest is to stay in Banaue, as it is the most developed one. I would recommend to stay in Batad. It is said to have the nicest rice terraces.

However, you need to put in the extra effort and take a jeepney, van or tricycle to get there from Banaue. Afterwards, be prepared to hike down with your backpack for about 15-20mins until you reach the small village where you can find several guesthouses. I stayed at Banaue View Inn, which was very good.

Be aware that the accommodation in Batad is more basic than in Banaue. There is no wifi, no network signal, mostly no hot water, basic rooms. In my opinion totally worth it though.

Batad Rice Terraces

Batad Rice Terraces

How much time do you need in Batad

Depends on how many regions you want to explore. I only explored Batad rice terraces and would suggest to have at least a full day in Batad to take a tour around the terraces and visit the hidden waterfall near to it.

When is the best time to go:

As far as I am concerned you can go the whole year round. The only thing that changes is the likelyhood of rain, the temperature and the colour of the Batad rice terraces. However, it is always impressive. Time of the day does not really matter.

What to do there

Hike, Hike, Hike. That’s the best way to see the sights. Basically the Batad rice terraces and the waterfall.

What not to do

Some fees you don’t need to pay, even though they say so. Any tips for a new person that will go to the place. I did not encounter any tourist traps and found the people to be very helpful and kind. Despite its popularity, this region is still rather less travelled than many other parts in the Philippines, as most people visit the islands and beaches.

Batad Rice Terraces

Why should the Batad Rice Terraces be on my bucket list?

The rice terraces are said to be the ‘Eigtht World Wonder’ and are simply breathtaking. If you enjoy the scenery and think about the fact that all these terraces have been built by men about 2000 years ago, it will fascinate you even more.

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