Bali’s Best Party, Drinking And Sunset Locations

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My 5 Favourite ‘Classy’ Places:

Many people travel to Bali to sit by a pool, relax with a cool drink and enjoy the amazing sunsets that Bali has to offer. With activities, restaurants, bars and of course pools, these 5 places should definitely be on your holiday plan! My 5 picks are where I have personally swam, relaxed, enjoyed amazing food and drinks as well as created memories I will never forget. These are the type of places I always plan to return to. They may be a little more expensive than small local bars and pubs, but let me tell you, it is definitely, one hundred percent worth every cent! Be sure to check these places out on your next holiday.



  1. Potato Head Beach Clubparty1

Located in the coastal area of Seminyak, Potato holds host to many international artists, Dj’s and festivals. Set on the beach front is the amazing swimming pool, day beds and of course the famous swim up bar. It is a perfect place to spend the day soaking up the sunshine with cool beats to compliment the amazing location.  I recommend heading there just before sunset to catch the sun going down whilst enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage. The under cover and seating allows for Potato Head to accommodate for people of all ages. Be sure to book to secure the best seat!



  1. W Retreat & Spaparty2

Where do I start? A beach resort located in the beautiful area of Petitenget, in the relaxed region of Seminyak, the W Resort actually has it all. With high luxury accommodation, to the pools, (yes, I said pools as in pLucas and there all amazing!) from the Chill Bar to the W Lounge, it really does offer something for every guest. My pick would be to sit and watch the beautiful Balinese sunset at the Woobar deck whilst sipping on a dreamy daiquiri. Be sure to dress up a little fancy as it isn’t a typical bar you would find on the beach in Kuta.




  1. Cocoon Beach Clubparty3

Cocoon is across the road from the beach at double six, Seminyak. With a huge pool out the front with daybeds and sun baking lounges, you can’t miss it when you walk/drive past! Known for its events and famous Dj’s and musicians that play at many of the Cocoon pool parties with the amazing Bali sunset as a back drop. Cocoon is quite expensive compared to many places in Bali, but it is worth the experience and the location is to die for. There truely is nothing better than relaxing by a pool with cocktails and cold drinks flowing with a relaxed atmosphere and music to match. Check out when the next pool party will be happening, hopefully while you’re in Bali!l



  1. Ku De Taparty4

Sit and relax all day long while looking straight onto the beautiful Seminyak beach. Ku De Ta offers you unique views of the sunset, very impressive meals from the restaurants and delicious cocktails (can you tell I love a good cocktail yet?). Relax and lounge on day beds, splash in the pool, walk along the beach and finish the day off with a cool drink over looking the amazing sunset. It really is a place you must visit whilst in Bali! It is too perfect for a relaxing day shared between the sun, shade and sunset! It is enjoyable for all ages, young or old.




  1. Finns Beach Clubparty5

It’s not all party and drinking at Finns. From the beautiful beaches on the Bukit Peninsula, be ready for a fun filled day including many different water sports, relaxing aNd simply enjoying Bali’s natural beauty. With a walk along the white sandy shoreline, a meal at the restaurants and a cool drink in hand, I would suggest to sit back, relax and watch the sunseting over the water. You may even be lucky enough for the night time Bon fire to be happening, which just compliments sugh a picturesque scene. Offering VIP experiences, wedding opportunities and private accommodation, it really does have it all as well as offering something for everyone of all ages.




5 Favourite ‘Hip’ Places:

Bali is becoming a place to be ‘seen’ and to say you have been to or ‘checked in’ at. Due to the development and increase of social media on the island and entire world we live in, there is this whole new atmosphere of ‘hipsters’.  New technologies and trends lead many travellers to places to post on Instagram and be ‘tagged’ at epic locations. These locations within Bali seem to be trending as places to be seen outside of the rift raft of Kuta and the main tourist areas. Places like these draw surfers, yoga enthusiast and of course party goers all in search of sunsets, Bintangs and good company.




  1. Old Mans Barparty6

There’s nothing I like better than a happy hour that actually makes you happy! Old mans bar offer happy hour Monday-Friday, 5-6pm. I absolutely love it here! The unique, relaxed atmosphere that is present throughout the Canggu area is definitely out in all forces here at Old Mans. Of course you will get your Instagram shot of the famous blue walls, but be sure to bring your best arm for beer pong Wednesday’s, dancing shoes for late nights, bikini for a beach swim and your appetite as the menu here is pretty impressive! It is a hot spot for daily relaxed drinks, a meal after the beach and party over the weekends. Definitely a favourite!



  1. Deus Ex Machina Templeparty7

Located in Canngu, Deus offers a funky shop which showcases many impressive surfboards, motorbikes, artworks and clothing (very cool to check out!). With an on site barber, surfboard shaper and the famous skateboard halfpipe, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy here! The daily restaurant turns into beer garden of excitement each and every night. From taco and tat’s Tuesday, Ladies night Thursday (yes, ladies that’s right, free cocktails from 7-8!) and the Sunday sessions. I have spent Sunday nights sitting on bean bags which then is turned into an epic dance floor. The music is most of the time amazing! Listening to the bands, singers and Dj’s can lead you to awesome nights under the stars.



  1. Single Finparty8

Uluwatu. Enough said, or shall I say more? Set on the high cliff top of Uluwatu, Single Fin is definitely worth the trip out to the Bukit Penisula. Single Fin offers several levels; restaurants, dance floors, band stages and of course the decking. Day beds, lounges and seating are cleverly laid out for the best views of the daily sunset, cliff line and the epic views of the world famous Uluwatu surf sport. If sitting, having a drink (from alcoholic, coffees or fresh fruit juices) is your thing, then this is your spot. Single Fin Sunday sessions. People travel all over the island to be at the famous Single Fin Sunday sessions. A band on one level, places to chat on another, the dance floor and Dj on the third, this place offers something for everyone.



  1. Echo Beach (Restaurants and Bars)party9

As the famous song says it all, Echo Beach really does has a lot to offer. In the Canggu area, there are many places to enjoy a dinner and seafood barbecue. It really does have the coldest beers with the best views of the beach. After surfing, or spending your day in the salt water, sun and sand, echo beach is a perfect place to finish off your day by watching the sunset before dinner. There are many places to drink or as some like to, continue to drink after a night out. Sand Bar is literally on the beach and is open until very late (4am) or in some cases very early morning. When places such as Old Mans bar or Deus are finishing up for the night SandBar is just kicking off.



  1. Laplanchaparty10

Imagine sitting barefoot in the sand on a bean bag and the beaming sun is slowly setting. Yep, this is the spot. The famous pictures of Bali beaches with colourful umbrellas, beanbags under each with fresh, cool drinks is where you will want to spend your afternoons and evenings. The uniqueness of Laplancha is evident just by looking at the physical building; bright, funky colours that invite each and every person in just for one drink and you’ll be left coming back for more! The beers are cold, the juice is fresh and the events that this place can put on are quite impressive. Surf movie festivals, beach parties and local guitarist playing on the sand.



My 5 Favourite ‘Party’ Places:

Legian Street, Kuta. Bali’s party and night club centre. Yes you will see the Bali bombings memorial and the site of the Sari Club, which can be a bit confronting as you too are about to do the same and head out for the night, but be sure to party safe and know where you are and your limits. There are what seems like hundreds of clubs and bars that line the streets with people every where, (especially if you arrive at night in the dark!). When you arrive, how do you know where to go, follow the crowd? Hopefully this little lists will get you well on your way to a fun night out!



  1. Alley catsparty11

As the picture to the right suggests, you don’t go to alley cats for a drink or a quiet night. Located in Poppies lane 2, Kuta it can be a bit tricky to find but just ask the locals and you’ll eventually find it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is definitely some peoples holiday destination. By day it is a restaurant that offers basic western and Indonesian foods, but by late night, every night, it is a party goers dream. With cheap drinks (I’m talking $2/$3 for the famous double-doubles), loud music and a full house of party goers, this semi open beer garden is perfect for pre-drinking before hitting the clubs. Pool table, card games, drinking games, loud banter and watching beers being skulled is pretty much the atmosphere at Alley Cats.



  1. Sky Gardenparty12

It is the famous night club that most tourists will say as number 1 place to party and dance all night. You can’t miss it when your on the street. Although it’s a little more expensive than most night clubs, as some nights they will charge an entry fee, I must say it definitely is one of the biggest! Okay, every time you go there you can never tell what level you are on or how many levels up you are! It can feel like a bit of an adventure when your inside, but isn’t that what a party is all about! With an attractive listing of international Dj’s and amazing musicians that play at Sky Garden, you are guaranteed to be mesmerised by the bright lights, banging beats and of course the party atmosphere, don’t forget your dancing shoes!



  1. Eikonparty13

This is where I would go if my girlfriends and I want a night out. Always a good amount of people that are out for a good time and not just a drunken, messy night out (of course there are always a few!). The drinks are reasonably cheap and the music is always good. With an outside area to dance around in and cool off from sweating it up on the dance floor inside. There is a unique Balinese feel that Eikon has created as they have included greenery and plants in the outside area as well as a deck to relax on out the front and of course lounges inside to rest your dancing feet. Eikon seems to have a high amount of locals but they are always fun to grab a drink with.



  1. Bounty Discothequeparty14

The famous Bounty ship is one of the hottest tourist clubs, but it is definitely one of the funnest. With the famous pirate ship wheel and different levels of dance rooms, Bounty offers everyone a wild night. Don’t forget your headband that the ladies on the door will supply you with (also a fun souvenir) and the whistles you can purchase for very cheap, to blow along to the beat! Be sure to get your photo in the famous cages of the bounty and dance your night away with a plastic drink bottle of your drink tucked under your arm. Oh, and find out when the next famous wet ‘n wild party is on! It’s the way to do it, Bounty style. Bounty definatley is one of Kuta’s hot spots for partying all night!



  1. Tubesparty15

The photos you see with people getting concrete barrels on a huge wave, is Tubes. It is a great place to drink, play billiard and be with friends. It is a perfect place for drinks before hitting the club if somewhere like Alley Cats isn’t your thing. Drinks are still quite cheap and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed, but don’t go there thinking it is a quiet place! The restaurant is open for meals and it is seen with families in the early evening, but when in Kuta, drinking is a hot option for many (keep this in mind). Tubes will have an amazing guitarist and singer that will happily play any of your requests, you can always steal the limelight and become the singer! It is a fun atmosphere where everyone is there for a good time.


What is your favorite place ? 🙂




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