Bagan – The ancient City, Myanmar

Bagan is the ancient city situated in Mandalay Region Of Myanmar. This is the capital city of first kingdom of Myanmar from 9th to 13th centuries. This is popular for around 2000 ancient temples around the city and the city known as Bagan Archaeological Zone.

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How to get to Bagan

You can get there from Yangon by night bus, by train & there is a domestic flight also. From the bus station, train station and Bagan airport, yoi can hire a taxi to get to Bagan Archaeological Zone.




Where to stay:
There are plenty of hotel rating from 5 star to 1 star and hostels which can give you a dormitory life. Bagan Archaeological Zone is divided into old bagan & new bagan for choosing a hotel area. I prefer old bagan more. This is more near with most of the tourist attractions site. I stayed at Royal Bagan Hotel at old Bagan for my last visit there.

How much does it cost:
The currency is kyat. You can find currency exchange center around the town. Bagan Archaeological Zone entrance fee is 25000 kyats (around 25 USD) for one person. Night bus fee is around 10 USD for each.

You can go around the zone with E-bike & bicycle. You can hire them at the most areas pf Bagan.


How much time do you need there:
You should spend 2 days for Bagan Archaeological Zone. Sunset, sunrise and around 2000 ancient temples will attract you more.

When is the best time to go:
You can go all around the years to there. If you want to ride the hot air balloon & feel the sunrise from above, you need to go there around November to April.

What should I do there:
Temple hopping around 2000 ancient temples is the must thing to do there. You can buy the details map about temples in your hotel or shop around the Bagan Archaeological Zone.

Next thing to do is watching sunset & sunrise from ancient temples. This is must. And you can study about history and culture around there too.


What should you not do:
You will be fine as long as paying respects to ancient temples & didn’t destroy their cultural things.

Why should it be on my bucket list?
This the one true culture & ancient city of all the time. You can study history, culture & ancient temples, ancient architecture & nevertheless beautiful scenery too.

Should-visit-places around Bagan Archaeological Zone.

Should visit temples

  1. Shwezigone Pagoda
  2. Ananda Pagoda
  3. Thatbyinnyu Pagoda
  4. Sulamani Pagoda
  5. Thanbula Pagoda
  6. Dhammanyangyi Pagoda
  7. Gawdawpalin pagoda
  8. Buu phaya

Sunset & Sunrise places

  1. Pyathatgyi Pagoda
  2. Shwesandaw Pagoda
  3. Mingalarzaydi
  4. South guni pagoda
  5. Shwenanyindaw Monastery Complex
  6. Alopyi Monastery Complex
  7. Khutha Pagoda

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