Backpacker Packing List

The Backpacker packing list for backpackers. Packing for your first backpacking trip can be tough. In this article you will see what our followers and readers recommend by their own experiences.

First a few «rules» for you backpacker packing list:
1. Pack only 2/3 of you backpack (or less).
2. “Less is more» – you need less than you think
3. Get the essentials first
  • It will daily be frustrating to travel with a too heavy backpack.
  • This gives you space in your backpack for all you will shop with along the way.
  • You can buy all that is needed everywhere in the world, and often at a fraction of the price it would cost at home.
  • That said there are still a number of things it is advisable to bring from home.



Backpacker packing list: The Essentials

backpacker packing list

1.The Backpack
If you are a backpacker you need a backpack. Most backpackers choose to travel with a backpack of between 50-90 liters, which is a nice size for most long trips.

2. A small backpack
For daytrips, beach and as hand luggage.

3. Rain cover for you backpack
Keeps your belongings dry. Also work as a cover to protect your backpack while traveling by bus/boat.

4. Money belt
Keep your money/credit card/passport close to your body.

5. Medicine kit 
Hopefully you won´t need it. But you most likely need one. Or at least get some bandage you know from home.

6. Padlock
For you backpack- Bring 2 if you will stay at hostels.

7. Travel Toilet bag
These comes in very handy.

8. Travel Document Holder
Use it for:
ATM and Credit Card
Emergency cash
Your copies of  all papers
Important numbers
Extra pass photos


2. Backpacker packing list: Thing you wish you had packed

backpacker packing list

1. Small Flashlight
Get one that use batteries. Will come in very handy.

2. Portable Hammock
Set it up wherever you go

3. Mosquito net
Keep the bugs out

4. Silk sleeping bag
Light wight and something you´d like at most hostels. Keep the bed bug away.

5. Leatherman
You will never regret bringing a Letherman

6. Travel Towel
Fast drying towel. Light Weight.

7. Rain Poncho
Light Weight. Then you can drop your heavy rain coat.

8. Head torch
To keep your hands free



Backpacker packing list: The gadgets

Backpacker packing list

1. GoPro hero 4
Action camera and underwater camera.

2. Mp3 player
Long lasting battery. For use on bus rides, plain and so on.

3. Camera
Collect memories.

4. Camera Bag
Keep your camera safe.

5. Portable Charger
Charger for all your electronics.

6. Plug Adapter
A must have when traveling to different countries.

7. USB stick
Take backup.

8. Selfie stick 
Selfie stick to phone, GoPro and Camera in one.

Backpacker packing list: Other

Pen and paper


Ear plugs

Eye mask

Sewing kit

Safety pins

Toilet paper (will save you one day)

Packing Cubes


Backpacker packing list: Clothing

Pack the amount you need of each. But remember to only pack 2/3 of your backpack.

Shoes – 2 or more. 1 type comfortable shoes/sneakers for daily use + 1 set of flip flops.

Pants – You will need 1. Many temples requires pants (and some clubs). Also, it might be cold.











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