Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya is located about two hours from Bangkok, Thailand. Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Get there by bus from Bangkok or by train.

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Accommodation in Ayutthaya

We stayed at Baan Eve guest house. It was really cheap, nice rooms and lovely owners. It is a pretty small town, easy to get from one side to the other, which means you can stay at which place you want.



We boked with the firm T.I.T in Bangkok, it is a youth backpacker boking company with very good prices. The package we bought includes two stops on the way to Chiang Mai, where the first stop is Ayutthaya. The price we payed for the package was 9800 baht ($275).
The easiest way to get around in Ayutthaya is to rent a bicycle (cheapest and more fun according to us) och scooter. You can always go by tuk tuk or taxi, but they will overcharge you a lot.

How much time you need there

We stayed for 2 days but we recommend 3-4 days. It was a little bit to tight to manage visiting all the temples in the amount of time we had and you really want to visit them all because they are awesome.





When is the best time to visit Ayutthaya

Not many people know about Ayutthaya so there is not many tourists there. High season is november – april and low season is may- october. We would recommend to go to Ayutthaya when it is high season, because as we wrote above it is not a tourist place.

What to do in Ayutthaya

 Rent a bike and visit the temples. There is a floating market where most locals go, a little bit overrated but a nice experience with a lot of interesting food. A tips is to try and not fall into any tourist traps, do what the locals do.

What not to do

DonĀ“t watch the animal shows.
When at the temple, dress appropriately and don’t disrespect their culture like posing silly with the Buddha. They have sighs everywhere in the temple what to do and what not to do, follow the rules and it will be fine.

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Why should Ayutthaya be on your bucket list:

Ayutthaya is an amazing place with 600 years old temples and it is a very breathtaking feeling to almost walk by yourself in the magnificent atmosfear. We highly recommend it.

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