Uluru – Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park is located 450 km from the town Alice springs which is in the middle of Australia. Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is located down towards the southwest corner of the Northern Territory.

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How to get to Ayers Rock

There is multiple different options to go here. I would say if you have a car or can rent one that’s the best option.

Otherwise there is millions of different companies that’s doing buss tours that will take you around to show the best of this magical place.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock

When is the best time to visit Ayers Rock

The best time of the year to visit Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park is when the weather is a bit cooler, in May to September. It will make it easier to explore and hike during the winter months.

It’s not a problem to come during the summer, the National Park is open all year around, but be prepared to wake up early because they close the walking tracks when it gets too hot!

I would say you need at least 3 days if you wish to explore everything and don’t miss out on any!

Ayers Rock Price

The cheapest tour will cost around 400 AUD with everything included. If you are driving yourself it will only be the entrance fee to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park which is 25 AUD a person for a 3 day pass.

What to do there

There’s is a lot to explore. When you plan a visit to Uluru and Kata Tjuta remember there is more to see than only Uluru.

On your way back to Alice spring do a detour and visit Kings Canyon. It’s one of the best canyon I’ve ever visited!

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock

Where to stay

There is Ayers Rock resort, about 10 mins drive from the National Park with different accommodations options as caravan parks, resorts and hotels.

You can also find a few hidden free camps a bit further away.

Why should Ayers Rock be on my bucket list?

Uluru is one of the most impressive landmarks in Australia and the land belongs to the Aboriginals. It’s such a historic and beautiful place so I can’t see why it would not be on anyones bucket list while visiting Australia!

Ayers Rock is one of the most magical places I’ve been to. It’s a ‘must do’ while visiting Australia.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock






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