Atuh Beach – Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Atuh beach is a 150 metres wide bay, located at the east coast of Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is an island with amazing nature on the southeast of Bali, Indonesia. The most famous attractions on Nusa Penida are located at the west coast, but if you have more time then only one day, you definitely have to visit this great place at the east coast, too.

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How to get to Atuh Beach

Most travellers reach Atuh beach by scooter. I would only recommend this option if you already got experience in driving scooter. Why? Because most of the streets have potholes and are really difficult to pass. And pay attention, the people here drive on the left side of the street. For me, coming from Germany, it was hard to get used to it, but I’m still alive.

When you reach Atuh beach by scooter or car, you have to step down about 100 or 150 steps to the final point. From here you have an amazing view over the coast.

Atuh BeachAtuh Beach

Atuh Beach Price

For a scooter you have to calculate around about 70.000 IDR per day (~4,70 EUR).

In comparison to that, a car with an English-speaking guide costs about 700.000 IDR per day (~47 EUR). For the beach area you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

The prices for drinks and food on the beach are not higher than expected, you have to pay the normal prices like in all other restaurants on the island. You only have to pay attention if no prices are shown outside on the board of the different shops. Normally it’s a sign for a classical tourist rip off.

Where to stay

You can choose between several options.

One options are to book a full day trip from the harbour of Sanur, located on Bali (~45 minutes by speedboat) or as an alternative from Nusa Lembongan (~15 minutes by boat). If you would prefer to stay longer, you can also book a stay in one of the home stays around the island.

Atuh Beach

How much time do you need at Atuh Beach

At Atuh beach you definitely need about one hour for taking pictures. The view and the nature is amazing and a really great spot. If you have the possibility, try to be there for watching the sunrise.

The steps down to the beach takes about 15 minutes. Get some local food at a restaurant, drink a fresh coconut and relax in the sun.

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When is the best time visit

The best time to be at Atuh beach is in the early morning to watch the amazing sunrise.

If this would be too early for you, then go there definitely before 2 pm. Around this time the ebb will come and you are not able to swim anymore.

Why should Atuh Beach be on my bucket list?

I have already visited lots of places in the world, especially in Asia, but Atuh beach is a really special place. The beach provides a mix from everything.

You have the crystal clear water, the white sand, the amazing view from the top, a spectacular path to cross and a kind of harmony you are not able to find somewhere else.

Atuh Beach




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