Apo Island, Philippines

Apo Island is a very small Island just 7km from the SE tip of Negros Oriental under the Dauin municipality. The Island is know for its protected marine area and its turtle sanctuary.

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How to get to Apo Island

First you will have to go the Dumaguete City which is the Capital of Negros Oriental. From here you can take a tricycle or a bus bound to Bayawan City, but be sure that it passes through the Zamboanguita municipality. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Malatapay Market.

From there just go out to the shore. There you Can catch a 30 minute banka Boat to Apo Island. But beware, there are no regular schedule, but they run pretty frequent until around 4PM.

Apo IslandApo Island

Apo Island Price

  • The bus from Dumaguete City to Malatapay will cost around 25-50 peso depending on aircon.
  • The banka boat costs 300 peso per person if you share it with others.
  • On the Island you have to pay an eviromental fee of 100peso at the registration Office. The fee Can depend of what you are doing on the Island.
  • If you want to rent snorkeling gear, lifejacket or finns it costs 100peso each. Just of shore there are a protected area for the turtles.
  • If you go inside the area you have to pay 300peso which include a guide looking after you and making sure that the turtles are being treated good. But you really dont have to go inside the protected area.
  • You will see plenty of turtles just outside it. We Saw around 20 turtles outside the protected area.

Where to stay on Apo Island

There are two main resorts: Apo Island Beach Resort and Liberty’s Lodge. There are also a couple of cheaper homestays.

I would recommend Marios homestay. We got a pretty big double room with fan and bathroom for only 600peso per night. It also have a divecenter with a really Nice dive instructor!

How much time do you need there

I would really recommend staying the Night. That way you can go out early and have the turtles all to yourself before the touristboats comes in around 9am. If you stay the night you will also have time to explore the little charming Island and get to know the friendly people there. If you are a diver you should stay at least a few days!

When is the best time to go

Go early out to snorkel. The Best time to go is between 7-10am when the Water is flat and the water is all clear. Around 11am there starts coming alot of waves.

Apo Island Apo Island

What to do on Apo Island

  • See the big and amazing turtles is a must!
  • Snorkle at the different vital spots around the Island.
  • Go over the two small mountians to the other side of the Island with a small village. You Will get a bit of fitness walking up all the steps but you will be rewarded with a nice view.
  • You can also go up to the lighthouse but it is basically a construction site at the moment so not really worth the climb.
  • If you are a diver you should not miss out on the diving! Apo Island is on the top 100 of Best divespots in the World.

What not to do

  • Do not touch the turtles! There is a really big fine for that. There are a list of ryles on the Island about how to behave around the turtles.
  • Going on the banka boat to and from the Island be sure to pack all you electric stuff in you bag which the boatman puts down inside the boat so it wont get wet.
  • Put on your flipflops. You Will have to walk a bit in water to get to and from the boat and there are som really sharp rocks and coral on the shore of the Island.
  • The Island only has electricity between 6-10PM but the resorts and homestays have solarpower so you Will be able to have the fan going at night.

Why should Apo Island be on my bucket list?

Apo Island is one of the best places in the World to see seaturtles. They are very used to humans so they comes very close to you. The area around the Island is a marine sanctuary so the marine life is just amazing! It is literally one of the Best dive and snorkeling spors in the World.

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