Angel’s Billabong – Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Angel’s Billabong is on the westcoast of Nusa Penida, an island next to Bali, Indonesia.

Angel's BillabongBy: steve.aurelius

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How to get to Angel’s Billabong

In order to get to Angel’s Billabong you either take the easy way (guided Tour) or you are like me and try to use maps, navigation and signs.

Angel’s Billabong adress: Sakti, Nusapenida, Klungkung, Bali 80771, Indonesia

Angel’s Billabong Price

The tour is half a daytrip and will be around 30 euros.

If you do it on your own you just pay the scooter rent (4 euro/day), gas (1-2 euro) and parking fees (1 euro).

Angel's Billabong Angel's Billabong

Where to Stay

Stay in somewhere on Nusa Penida. My recommendation is Fullmoon Bungalow.

How much time do you need there

I planned 2 days for nusa penida but it was not enough, so i extended my stay to 4 days. Why? Because it has so many beautiful landscapes and an amazing dive side. For angels billabong and broken beach (right next to it) you need to plan half a day.

When to visit Angel’s Billabong

Speaking for the best season, I can give no special recommendation but say that end september worked perfect fine for me.

One important tip for the best time of the day: start your day early. The best light reflections are between 12 and 15 o’clock. Otherwise it will not have this astonishing Photoshop look.

Must do things on Nusa Penida

– rent a scooter

klingking viewpoint

– diving/snorkeling

– the above mentioned

Angel's Billabong

Why should Angel’s Billabong be on my Bucket List ?

Indonesia is so beautiful and very big, so time is the limit. With Nusa Penida you have a jackpot: within 4 days you can explore the whole island and have so many great adventures. The night life is limited, but every adventurer and nature lover will have an amazing time! Most people only visit bali or nusa penidas little brother, nusa lembogan. I am happy that I did nusa penida, because its an insider absolutely worth my time!!

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