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What is Bagan? Bagan is an area made up of around 2000 Ancient stone temples and Pagoda’s. These are sprawled around the luscious green fields of Bagan and most of these can be reached by bicycle or scooter. It is a magical fairy land where visitors ride around all day exploring the temples freely. Some pagodas are dedicated to be climbed on for sunset views and others are just good for a panoramic view. All just at your fingertips, craving to be explored.

Where are the Ancient Temples of Bagan? The Ancient temples of Bagan are located, funnily enough, in Bagan in Myanmar. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is in south east Asia just to the west of Thailand. 

What currency do they use here? Myanmar Kyat’s. USD are also widely accepted. If using USD make sure the notes are in mint condition.

How do I get there? Theres a number of different ways to reach Bagan. If you are doing a South East Asia tour you can cross overland from two points in Thailand. You could also fly from your home country or a neighbouring country, into Myanmar. Bagan has it’s own airport called Nyung U. You could also fly to Yangon or Mandalay and tour the country by bus.

How much does it cost? Tourists have to pay and entry fee of $K25,000 to enter the area. This goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the area. 

Do I need to do a tour? Not at all. The land is so big it is better to rent a bike and explore the temple complex on your own. The roads are marked well and your guesthouse will supply you with a map. Bicycles and motorised scooters are both on offer.

Is it safe there? 100%. If you are riding at night time be sure to take a head torch. Most roads leading back into town are lit by street lamps but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

How much time will i need? Bagan could be seen in one day but to really explore this incredible place properly i would recommend 3 days. You can take your time and check out a different part each day. Make sure you climb up some pagodas to watch the sunset!

Can it just be visited on a day trip? Certainly can. Like I said above though, this will limit the amount you can see. The area is so vast you wouldn’t want to miss anything.

I only speak english, will that be ok? Yes! English is understood by the locals and the young children around town. You will be fine.

Why should Bagan be on my bucket list? Bagan is one of those incredible places that won’t be this special forever. Tourism hasn’t taken off here yet and I would suggest getting there as soon as you can. 




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