Abandoned Water Park – Hue, Vietnam

The abandoned water park in Hue also known as Ho Thuy Tien or Thuy Tien Lake went out of business in 2006 after only two years that it was opened and it’s been closed ever since.

Many people might wonder what happened to the abandoned water park. And after visiting the place think that something bad have happened, even come up with scary stories about it. But in fact, nothing out of the normal, simply bad business.

Abandoned Water ParkBy: dianadereznor

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How to get to The abandoned water park

The park is located 8km from the city center, specifically to the south, close to the Tomb of Khai Dinh (another important attraction you have to visit in Hue).

You can only get there by taxi or renting a motorbike. As it is a closed attraction, you will not be able to find any tour that will take you there.


Abandoned Water Park

Abandoned Water Park

Abandoned Water Park

Abandoned water park Price

There’s no entrance fee. As mentioned before, it’s closed to the public. However, you will find a security guard at the entrance that if you are lucky will allow you to enter for free.

He will be reluctant at the beginning but if you beg enough, or if you offer money he will let you in. If you go for the second option start with 20K VDN but try not to offer more than 50K VDN.

The main reason why is not open to the public is because, and according to a paper that the guard will show you, the place is not safe.

Taxi to the park from the city center will cost around 100.000 Vietnam dong. My recommendation is to talk to the driver and ask him to wait for you, as it’s not easy to get a taxi there. Unless you call a Grab (Asia Uber).

Is also important that you show the location or the name in local language as not many taxi drivers know about this place or expect people to go there.



Where to stay

Is better to stay in the city center, as there’s not much to do around the water park. You will be able to find plenty of options from hotels, hostels or homestay, prices can go from 5€ per night.


How much time do you need there

You only need 1 hour or less to visit this place, and around 20min to get there. But depends on what do you want to do inside. Some people will bring food and have a little picnic.


Abandoned Water Park

Abandoned Water Park

When is the best time to visit the abandoned water park

You can go there at any time. But my recommendation is to go in the morning as in the afternoon will be too hot. The good thing is that since it’s a closed attraction not many people know about this place. So not many tourists!

What to do / Tips about the abandoned water park

Main attraction is the dragon, which used to be an aquarium, now there’s not much left of it. You will find the dragon on your left once you pass the entrance. But there’s also a swimming pool with slides and an amphitheater.

Visitors should be very careful, since the place has been abandoned for so many years, there are some places that could be unstable.

If you are having a picnic try not to lit any fire, this seems to be another reason why security is not allowing any visitors.

In some places you will read that there are some crocodiles left around the park but i didn’t see any. The only animals you will see around are cows.

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Why should the abandoned water park be on my bucket list?

I got to know this place thanks to a great friend I met while backpacking around Vietnam. And, since I’m a big fan of unusual places to visit, I thought it was a great idea to go somewhere away from tourists. The abandoned water park should definitely be on you bucket list!

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Abandoned Water Park

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