Abandoned Plane Bali

Its sounds like a new movie script, an abandoned plane between houses and nobody know the origin.
The Abandoned Plane Bali is located next to the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan highway, only five minutes from the famous Pandawa Beach.

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How do I get to the Abandoned Plane Bali

When you search on google maps you can find the location really easy, but the plane is placed in a kind of Valley and hidden behind a wall of containers.

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Abandoned Plane Bali

Abandoned Plane Bali

Abandoned Plane Bali

The best option to reach the plane is to take a flight to Denpasar (airport Ngurah Rai)
There are cheap flights from Bangkok to Denpasar, the flight time is 4 hours and a one way ticket cost you around $85.

When you are arrived at the airport you can take a taxi, use the app grab or uber thats saves you a lot of money! It is also possible to rent a scooter at the airport and drive by yourself don’t forget that they drive on the left side of the road.

Abandoned Plane Bali Price

I heard some stories that you have to pay the security guard to take a close look at the plane.

But when I was there in the beginning of march 2018, the fence was locked with a chain and nobody was there. But there are still enough options to see the plane and its cost nothing!

Where to stay

I decided to look for a place close by the plane and found a really good hotel with the name: Umahode, 500 meter from the famous plane. You can book there a really luxury private room with kingsize soft bed for $15.

The owner speaks really good English and gives you a lot of information about the island! It is also possible to order breakfast at your room.

Abandoned Plane Bali

Abandoned Plane Bali

How much time do you need there

That depends on the person. Some people like me can stay there easy 1 hour to find the right angle for the perfect picture. But I think 10 a 15 minutes is enough time to visit this place, and to make a few good shots for your Instagram or Facebook.

When is the best time to visit the Abandoned Plane Bali

For me the best time is during the golden hour. That is the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer. And when you go early in the morning than you have the whole plane for yourself, your own private jet!

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What should I do there

When you walk to the right next to a small stall that sells drinks.
You see there a small off road path that leads to a viewpoint where you can see the plane much better. It’s also possible to climb on top of the containers but that’s on your own risk.

Why I should the Abandoned Plane Bali be on my bucketlist ?

The abandoned plane is off course not really the thing that you have to visit when your are in Bali. But it’s for sure a really cool place to visit when you like abandoned places and sick of temples.

Ladies and gentlemen we are landed at Denpasar airport, don’t forget your personal belongings and thanks for flying with Air Backpackers story!

Abandoned Plane Bali

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