9 Arch Bridge – Ella, Sri Lanka

9 Arch Bridge in situated in the lovely green hill town of Ella in Sri Lanka.

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How to get to 9 Arch Bridge

9 Arch Bride is a lovely walk from Ella’s train station along the tracks to 9 Arch Bridge. Follow the railway lines until you get to a tunnel. Once you’ve reached the tunnel, you’ll see the bridge. You can’t get lost, & if you do there will always be people around to point you to the famous bridge.

It is not dangerous to walk on the tracks. Trains are slow and noisy so you’ll be able to hear them coming. And like everybody else, you will stand there and wave to it as it goes by.

9 Arch Bridge
9 Arch Bridge
9 Arch Bridge

9 Arch Bridge Price

COMPLETELY FREE if you walk to the bridge by yourself. If not you can get a tuktuk there, and that is about 15 Sri Lankan Rupees. But the fun of it is walking!

Where to stay

I stayed at Ella Paddy Field View Guest Inn. It has breathtaking views of Ella Rock and Little Adam’s Peak! The rooms are basic but very comfortable, great breakfast and very kind owners.

9 Arch Bridge9 Arch Bridge

How much time do you need there in Ella / at 9 Arch Bridge

  • How much time in Ella: Stayed in Ella 4 days. So many sights to see. It was my favorite place in Sri Lanka.
  • How much time at 9 Arch Bridge: As long as you want. I stayed 2 hours and waited for two different trains to go by. (Passenger train and cargo train). I wanted to get the train going along the bridge from two different angles.

When is the best time to visit the 9 Arch Bridge

Check the train time schedules to see what time the trains arrive at Ella station. Trains pass the bridge several times a day. I got there for 10 am and stayed 2 hours taking pictures and waiting for the train, however around 12 pm there didn’t seem to be as many tourists.

What to do there

The walk along train tracks is very pleasant. Beautiful surroundings, mountains, countryside, rice fields, and very cool climate.

9 Arch Bridge9 Arch Bridge


Why should 9 Arch Bridge be on my bucket list?

This is one of the “must see” places in Ella. It is located between Ella and Demodara railway stations. It’s one of the iconic bridges in Sri Lanka; built with only stones, bricks and cement without any steel.

All of Ella is such a picturesque town, and if you love travel photography like me, you’ll definitely love this place!

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