20 travel/backpacking items you may not think to pack

By: Ceri Sedgwick Instagram: ceritravelbug
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Every time you go on holiday or go travelling there’s always something you wish you’d have brought. There’s plenty of packing lists on the internet so you don’t forget things, but i’ve come up with a list of 20 items that you may not have thought of and that came in really handy whilst I was backpacking!

Lush Cosmetics shampoo bar
Everyone who travels knows how much of a pain it can be carrying lots of heavy liquids around. Every kilo counts when you’re carrying your life on your back. Or if you’re going on a city break and only have a carry on bag this is perfect as you wont have to include it in your small liquids bag.
Ive actually converted to using these as my every day shampoo now as they smell amazing, last around 2 months, and are made out of natural products so no nasty chemicals for you hair! (this can actually help your hair grow if you didn’t know). You just rub it in your hands like a bar of soap!
Tip: when they get a bit “gooey” after getting wet a lot, leave the tin lid off overnight/add some bicarbonate soda in and its as good as new!

Xe currency converter app
This iphone app is great for when you want to keep track of how much you’re spending. Add the currencies you want to covert to and from (you can add as many as you like), then when you have no internet you can convert on the go!

Re-hydration sachets (Royal D)
When you’re travelling you’re likely to experience the nightlife at some point. Hangovers + hot countries DO NOT mix. So these were a life saver for me in Thailand as they stopped me getting too dehydrated and getting sun stroke!

Travel towel
Towels take up WAY too much room, become heavy when they’re damp, and take forever to dry. I bought a micro fiber travel towel for pretty cheap and I didn’t even notice carrying it! Also it had antibacterial treatment to stop it from smelling. Fab if you don’t have access to laundry for a while.

Tiger balm
I didn’t actually have this myself whilst I was travelling, but everyone I was with seemed to! This is literally “magic balm” and can be used for everything! lip balm, insect bites, chafing cream and even headache relief! Its really easy to come across in pharmacies and markets in Asia.

Dry bag
This is a great idea for boat trips or a day on the beach instead of taking a rucksack etc. I found that when on small boats to get to beaches like Maya bay for example, I felt paranoid that I’d drop my bag, or get it wet by putting it on the floor.

Waterproof phone case
BUDGET GO PRO. If you cant afford to buy a go pro, this is a great alternative so you can still get pictures and videos underwater. If you’re like me and you’re likely to drop your phone wherever you go, including the beach, this will protect your phone from sand!
amazon waterproof case

Blow up neck pillow
So most people remember to take a neck pillow for those long journeys, but a blow up one takes up next to no room!

Portable iphone charger/solar charger
Long journeys, long days out and lots of photos being taken really drains your battery. (Im talking about your phone here not you) Either charge your portable charger when you have access to mains electricity, or if you’re in a sunny country charge it up on the go with a solar charger! You can get them for less than £15!

It will come in handy if you’re visiting temples, get a little chilly, or need something to cover up at the beach.

Talc powder
Here’s the truth, travelling involves a lot of sweating and even chafing if you’re walking a lot in uncomfortable clothes! In hot countries no matter how good your deodorant is, you’ll question it. A little bottle of talc could save you from discomfort and the embarrassment of sweat patches.

Mini umbrella
Whether you’re travelling in rainy season/winter/or just get caught up in a storm, an umbrella keeps you dry without having to get out a jacket (which you might not even have if you’re in a hot country).

Mini padlock
These are really handy to take with you to lock your bag/put on a locker in a hostel to keep your belonging safe!

Flip flops
OK so most people take flip flops on holiday but I usually stick to sandals that buckle up. Big mistake in Thailand in certain areas where you take off your shoes before you go into shops!

Money belt
Pick pockets are something you should be really careful about in new countries. Also bag snatching can be a huge problem. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I even know of someone who had their bag over their body, but got dragged down the road by someone on a motorcycle because it wouldn’t come off! (That isn’t meant to scare you or put you off!)
A lot of people take “bum bags”/”fanny packs” whilst travelling which are a good idea as they’re hands free, but they are still visible. I bought a money belt that you can put under your clothes. It also has technology in the material that stops “contact-less pickpockets” from scanning your debit cards!

Eye mask
If you’re a light sleeper like me this is a plane/train/bus journey essential. You’ll need as much sleep as you can get when you’re travelling.

Notebook and pen
Always handy to write down anything you need to remember, or document your travels in a journal.

Antibac wipes
Travelling does make you feel a bit unclean at times. These are fab to use after the toilet, before food or to freshen up.

Plastic folder for paper documents
Its important to keep copies of your passport for hostels, travel insurance, boarding passes and any other documents safe. Its hard to keep paper from getting crinkled in bags and suitcases so problem solved.

Sta travel cash card
This is one of the items I wish I’d have taken on my travels. You load up the card with the cash you want on it before you go, or can get money transferred into it, then you can withdraw cash without the fees! When you’re travelling every penny counts so being charged a few pounds each time I made a transaction added up.

Is there any handy items you couldn’t go without whilst travelling?




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