20 Hostel Rules – Hostel Dorm Etiquette 101

Staying at a dorm is cheap, but a lot of different personalities can make a huge chaos. Follow these hostel rules and everyone will have a better time. These are all common annoying points you will see at a hostel dorm. Did we miss something out ?

1. Be polite and say hello to everyone in the room.
Don´t be the one making the room awkward.

2. Leaving at night/early in the morning :
Pack your bags the night before. Find everything you got laying around. Pack your passport and wallet somewhere you can check quick. If you don’t´´ find it right away there will be some panic and clothes all over again.

3. Keep your toilet bag somewhere easy to find.
Don’t wake up the whole room so you can find your toothbrush.

4. Don´t have sex.
Get a private room douche. If you’re reading this you have probably experienced it, or will. Please stop it.

5. Pack down or wash your stinky clothes.
Make you´re mama proud.

6. Don’t make a mess.
Keep your stuff at your own space

7. Don’t steal. 
For some idiotic reason this still need to be a point.

8. Don´t touch other people’s stuff.
Come on.

9. Don´t eat in the room.
At least any warm food. There are already enough weird smells at your room.

10. Be quick in the shower.
This is not a spa. Share the warm water and don´t keep people waiting.

11. But: Get a shower.

12. Include everyone in the community room.
Just because you got there first, you don’t own the place.

13. Don´t talk in your phone all the time.
It´s VERY annoying.

14. Don´t turn on the light at night.
Use your phone or navigate in the dark.

15. Respect the atmosphere in the room.
Are someone sleeping? Maybe you should be a bit quiet then ?

16. Don´t smoke

17. Don´t have a pre-party in your bed.
Go to the community room.

18. When sick:
Get your own room.

19. Keep your stinky shoes outside the room.

20. Enjoy your time and be respectful.

Did we miss something ant hostel rules out ?

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