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In Bali there are many times I catch myself or others saying; ‘only in Bali’ or ‘when in Bali’, whilst they are experiencing many different situations. It may be good, bad, amazing or down right creepy, but these mind blowing moments can leave you feeling a sense of amazement and in awe of what this unique island has to offer. If you have been to Bali before I’m sure you will be able to tick many of these off and agree that Bali really is an island made up of so many diverse areas, villages and of course beaches. Hopefully these will trigger memories, help you to plan new adventures and make you eager to return to the magic island of Bali. So here we go;


  1. Seeing locals bathe/shower and poo in the dirty drain/river water.
  2. Cock fighting.
  3. Families on scooters with only mum and dad with helmets, who cares about the baby and kids!
  4. Homestay’s becoming your temporary home.
  5. Ceremonies almost every day/week.
  6. Bali dance.
  7. Aqua bottles being your best accessory.
  8. Appreciating a cold shower.
  9. Rubbish being thrown over the edge of bridges to land in a river.
  10. Barefooted rice farmers in knee high, thick mud.


  1. Amazing Sunsets.
  2. Blackouts everyday (power out).
  3. Being offered to buy bows and arrows, swords and knives as you sun bake on the beach.
  4. Aqua poo’s. Doing them, seeing them and knowing that the man squatting in the shallow water isn’t just cooling off.
  5. Feeling your legs burn as you tackle the Bingin, Uluwatu, Greenbowl and Padang steps.
  6. Bintangs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Buying your Nasi Volcom/ Nasi Bungkus for breakfast from the back of a scooter in the street.
  8. Jiggy jig.
  9. Shops being closed in the middle of the day, mid week just because they can.
  10. ‘massage’, ‘hair braid’ and ‘manicure’ become background noise.


  1. Terima kasih.
  2. Warungs (restaurants, cafes)
  3. Kite Season (only in the wind seasons; July, August, September)
  4. Entire shops, cafes and displays on scooters.
  5. Western Bule’s on the loudest and biggest rented motorbike possible.
  6. Fire Dancing at Uluwatu.
  7. Deus Sunday sessions.
  8. Ogoh-Ogoh.
  9. Morning price.
  10. Monkeys trained to steal anything and everything from you.


  1. Park the car/scooter in the middle of the road (and I don’t just mean for five minutes!).
  2. One Way roads.. What are they?
  3. Traffic being held up or stopped by animals, overfilled trucks and of course the polisi.
  4. Polisi, everything to do with them! Bribes, cigarette money, your t-shirt, maybe even have a Bintang together after being yelled at, who knows what they’ll accept!
  5. Alley Cats and the famous ‘double-doubles’.
  6. Rice Fields.
  7. Learning to Surf.
  8. Hipsters instagraming their healthy breakfast bowls.
  9. Single Fin Sunday’s.
  10. The smells of Bali; Sewerage, fires with plastic burning, sambal (chilli sauce) and of course different foods as you pass each warung.


  1. Potato Head.
  2. Squat pots, only when you’re desperate.
  3. Magic Mushrooms, so illegal but there is a sign on every shop and corner!
  4. Only waving down a bluebird with the bluebird group sticker on the windscreen.
  5. Barefeet, all day everyday.
  6. Selfie Sticks. Actually, they’re never okay (haha).
  7. Soap with whitening and Shampoo for Blackest black hair.
  8. Goreng everything (nasi, mie, banana’s, even frying boiled eggs!).
  9. Transport, Transport.
  10. ‘Hello Cantik’.


  1. Did I mention Bintang?
  2. Bali Belly. Thinking you’re going to die.
  3. Being a Millionaire.
  4. Locals spitting everywhere.
  5. Old Man’s the surf spot and the pub.
  6. Real safe construction sites with bamboo, no scaffolding or the dodgiest looking ladder.
  7. Barefoot workers – welders, builders, farmers, mechanics, bricklayers etc. You get the point.
  8. Climbing coconut trees.
  9. Same same but different.
  10. Flight delays, airport closures, cancelled flights.


  1. Samporna’s. Your a non-smoker, except when in your Bali.
  2. Bartering just to save even 10 cents more.
  3. Aussie bogans in Bintang Singlets with a Bintang in hand.
  4. Monkey Forests (you won’t find me here!).
  5. Extra Joss.
  6. Street food (gorengan, Lalapan, Bakso).
  7. Sunset surfs.
  8. No Helmet.
  9. Wearing flip flops to a night club.
  10. Yoga hippies up before the sun.


  1. Bali dogs.
  2. Local markets.
  3. No seatbelt, baby seats or booster chairs.
  4. Fishing boats that look like a disco out at sea each night.
  5. Reggae Music (on repeat, same songs over and over).
  6. Bencongs a.k.a lady boys.
  7. Toilet paper – carrying it with you on day trips, road trips and everywhere you go!
  8. Bali Kopi – traditional coffee made from Luwak’s droppings.
  9. The balloon man looking like he is going to take off – selling hundreds of balloons that are literally tied from his scooter!
  10. The ice-cream man! Walking the beach or scooting the towns on his moped and playing his loud song!


  1. Bikinis are your underwear for the entire time of your trip.
  2. Temples, from the large tourist filled attractions to the simple small temples in each Hindu house.
  3. Smoking anywhere and everywhere (I don’t smoke, so it’s hard at some warungs!).
  4. Banana leaf barbecue.
  5. A blow out with your flip flops.
  6. Riding a scooter.
  7. The road rules. Wait, what road rules?
  8. Boardshorts all day, everyday. Who needs undies in Bali anyways.
  9. Transporting like a bus in the back of a truck.
  10. Ceremony music/ bands playing in the back of a truck.


  1. Eating white rice with every meal.
  2. Broken roads and dirt roads that need a 4WD but the little hatchback will do fine. Besides its just a ‘massage road’ or as we like to say ‘backwash’.
  3. Nakedness – ‘your in bali’ (so many tourists attitudes) as they sun bake topless outside a ceremony or go without a bra whilst sipping beers next door to a temple! (especially in canggu!)
  4. Delivery McDonalds after a night out. No one needs to know!
  5. Aussie bogans, drink driving, or should I say; drink riding.
  6. 6 year olds being better at riding/driving then yourself.
  7. Ask for seconds at your favourite warung, for no extra charge.
  8. Nipples – Balinese elders walking round without a shirt, or an attempt of a shirt leaving a nipple out.
  9. Animals being killed in bare hands- pigs, goats, chickens, cows which are killed in time for ceremonies. Sometimes in the streets and there will be blood but it’s all traditional!
  10. Anyone and everyone can be a yoga expert, nature enthusiast and  health nut in Ubud, right?
  11. Trusting your snorkelling guide that nothing in the ocean can hurt you, after all you did just find him and his boat on the shoreline.


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