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Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand

Koh Nang Yuan is a small island about 15-20 minute long tail boat ride from Koh Tao, at the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand.



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Getting to Koh Nang Yuan:

Koh Nang Yuan is often visited as a day trip from Koh Tao. A 15-20 minute long tail boat ride for 100-150 baht allows you to enjoy the aquamarine waters, picturesque rocks and white sand for a whole day. Besides chartering a long tail boat yourself (which I recommend), you can also visit Koh Nang Yuan by booking a snorkelling trip through tour agencies or operators.

Koh Nang Yuan

Where to stay

The last of long tail boats leave Koh Nang Yuan at 5pm back to Koh Tao; however there are a number of resorts available if you feel like spending a night in paradise. Most backpackers tend to stay in Koh Tao along Sairee or Mae Haad beach, where all the night life and pub crawls are at. I highly recommend Goodtime Beach Hostel on Sairee beach which houses Goodtime Adventures where you can book diving and snorkelling trips. A deluxe room even includes a balcony where you can watch the sunset each evening.


There is an entrance fee of 50 baht into Koh Nang Yuan on top of the 100 or 150 baht long tail boat ride to get there from Koh Tao. Tours that visit these islands can range in price depending on the other activities involved and if the tour departs from Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan.

Koh Nang Yuan

How much time do you need there

Despite Koh Nang Yuan island being quite small, there are endless snorkelling and diving opportunities. A whole day (10am-5pm) is the best way to spend time here.

When is the best time to visit Koh Nang Yuan

The best months to visit Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan are February to April and July to September. During these months the weather is hot with little rain. Because Koh Nang Yuan is a typical tourist attraction, it is best to get there in the early morning as soon as the first long tail boats depart. However the best way to appreciate this paradise is to rent a room on the island and spend the night there, as you get to enjoy the sunset and morning without the crowds.

Koh Nang Yuan

What to do there

Koh Nang Yuan is a small island but it is easy to spend the entire day lazing in the sun. Relax with a refreshing cocktail, snorkelling with the marine life in the turquoise clear waters, and taking diving classes. There is also the viewpoint stair climb which gives you a panoramic view of the sandbank which connects the island.


At the entrance point of Koh Nang Yuan, they will confiscate any plastic water bottles to reduce the amount of garbage on the island. So I recommend bringing your own non-plastic bottles or just buy drinks on the island!

Why should Koh Nang Yuan be on my bucket list?

Koh Nang Yuan makes a perfect day trip from Koh Tao for those wanting to take a break from the underwater world of diving. The island has a relaxed ambience with the sun shining, calm waters, various marine life. And of course the picturesque viewpoint. The beautiful Koh Nang Yuan is definitely worth a visit and will leave you feeling like you are in paradise.

Koh Nang Yuan


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