Bucket List Guide

Bucket List Guide



– Send in at least 5 photos to each article.
– It’s enough with 3-4 sentences on each question. But feel free to write more.


If a question is not relevant for your Destination/Activity –  you can drop it.

1. Where is XXXX ?

2. How do I get to XXXX ?

3. Price?

  • What does it cost. The tour? Entrance fee ? Bus? Taxi ?

4.Where to stay ?

  • Town, City, Which hostel/hotel, Recommendations.

5. Where to eat ?

  • Got a restaurant tip ? Local Food ?

6. How much time do you need there?

  • Hours? Days ? – AND WHY

7.When is the best time to go?

  • Is it best at a particular season ? If it is a tourist attraction: At what time of the day? Do you need to get there early/late to avoid the «tourists” ?

8.What should I do there?

  • Tips about the place. What to see. What you can’t miss and so on.

9.What should you not do?

  • Is it a tourist trap there ? Some fees you don’t need to pay? Any tips for a new person that will go to the place.

10.Why should XXX be on my bucket list?


Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand  | See all bucket list guides here


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