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9 Backpacker Stereotypes

9 Backpacker Stereotypes – Don´t worry, you will meet them all

Stereotypes can be a fun thing if you got some irony. Do you recognize yourself, your friend or someone you have met ?  These are some well-known backpacker stereotypes sent in by our readers. Also check out the 15 most common travel scams and Top 10 Instagram Travel BIO´s (and their real meaning)

The “Party Animal”
« Are Angkor Wat in Cambodia ? For Real ? I only went to Shianoukville ! « This particular species plan their travels based on the full moon calendar. When they get back home they have forgotten that you don´t need to drink out of a bucket.

Top attractions are full moon parties in Thailand and, … yeah full moon parties in Thailand. Some also find themselves at a carnival in South America or with a goon in Australia. These are also the guys getting broke and need to hand out flyers to other travelers relaxing on the beach. 


The “Bragzilla”
“You saw 2 dolphins? Hmm..Cute. I saw 12 at the same point yesterday». Just don´t talk to him/her. They have been where you are going and they will probably tell you that it “isn´t that good». If you see one of these in the wild, please run. They feed on your excitement.

WARNING: There are a 98% chance you will become this backpacker stereotype at some point. When you are at his state of mind, please HIT YOURSELF IN THE FACE and enjoy.


The Couple
This should actually be divided in two since there are two very different spices of «The Couple». But first there are one similarity: They share a Instagram profile.

  1. The Private
    This couple stays for themselves and you won’t notice them much. Before the «selfiestick» they could approach you and ask «can you take a photo of us, kiss kiss» but that is it.
  2.  The «we are a couple, but we are still cool»
    This couple will stay at the bump bed right next to you on the hostel. Other than that, they are some of the nicest persons you will meet on your trip. They are traveling together, but are really interested in meeting new people (probably since they are spending too much time together)

The Big Spender 
You have seen them haven´t you? Those who arrive at the temple in an air-conditioned car, with a clean shirt and a big smile on their face – while you are messed up after an hour-long bus ride. The same gang who were relaxing in a sunbed next to your sand bed the day before. Well, the flashpacker obviously got a higher budget than you.

They are usually in their late 20’s or early 30’s. This is their first trip around the world as well, but since they went to school and got a job first, they got money to spend. They also got a better camera, phone and cleaner clothes.Maybe also that drone you wanted ?

The Stingy Person
These are the ones you are surprised that actually even spent some money on a plain ticket. Everything is expensive, so they don’t do much. On the other hand they spend a lot of time on the beach since it’s free and therefore have a great tan. Some say all of them are from Sweden, some say otherwise.

The «Guitar-hero»
Wonderwall anyone ?


The Vegan-Hippe-gluten_free-person
Sometime when you arrive at a new destination you will find a guy who have been at that exact place for a few moths. They have a plan to continue their trip, but for some reason (read weed) they can´t seem to move on.

These are the ones that give you advise on how to live your life. They have cracked the code on how to live a happy life. Also, once again, they smoke a lot of weed.


The volunteer person
Great ! We love what you are doing. There is nothing bad to say about volunteering or what they do. But… Please don´t try to ruin my travels by telling me, for the 10th time, that I need to volunteer myself. (Once is enough)


The adrenaline seeker
Bungee, Skydive, surf, cliff jump ADRENALINE, ADRENALINE, ADRENALINE, go faster, can I ride on that polar bear ?


Have you met any of these backpacker stereotypes ? Someone missing ? Comment below !

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