Festival Contribute

Send it as text to writer@backpackerstory.org (do not upload as a document)
Keep each answer between 2-5 sentences.
At least 5 good pictures + +
One of the questions are not relevant?  You can drop it.
See Example Here


Answer what you know/remember. You can answer short/long on all questions. Add anything you think will be helpful/interesting for a new person visiting the festival.

  1. Name of the festival
  2. Where ?
  3. When ?
    1. Is it at the same time each year ?
    2. Lenght of the festival ?
    3. Specific time ? Morning, Afternoon, Night ect..?
  4. Price ?
    1. Enterance fee ?
    2. Anything you need to buy ?
    3. any equipment needed ?
  5. How to get there ?
  6. Where to stay
  7. Tips
    1. What to bring ?
    2. Clothing ?
    3. Anything else ?
  8. What not do do ? (Anything you should´t do that could help a new visitor)
  9. Your Story (Write as long/short as you want )
Pictures: We need at least 5 photos. But please send more if you have
Video: If you have a video from the experience send it to us. All from a short snap to edited work
Let us know if you have any questions.